Dating antique milk bottles

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Some sell for many thousands of dollars, but other relatively common examples can be found for to .

An aqua-colored pint flask made between 18 and embossed with the word “Union” and clasped hands on one side and an eagle on the reverse side can be found for to .

Lots of collectible bottles simply are waiting to be found in the ground right where they were thrown away in the 19th and early-20th century. fire insurance maps from the 19th century, available in some libraries and chambers of commerce, show the locations of old trash pits.

Spots include old (no longer used) dumps and trash piles. Consider joining a bottle-collecting club that sponsors group digs to learn how it’s done effectively and safely before trying to dig up old bottles on your own.

An 1826 brilliant deep sapphire blue flask commemorating the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson recently sold at auction for 0,620. Cristadoro’s Hair Preservative,” dating between 18, sell for each.

Medicine bottles from the 1800s are very popular because they’re so much fun. Radway & Co., New York, medicine bottles, dating between 18, sell for each. Whiskey bottles made between 18 are popular collectibles.

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That milk bottle was known as the Common Sense Milk Bottle.

Because dairies are extremely regional, a huge number of different milk bottles are available.

Many from the first half of the 20th century sell for just to , though there are some particularly rare and desirable examples that bring hundreds.

The names of some of the quack cures sold during this era are laughable. These usually are 11 to 12 inches tall, cylindrical and often embossed. Hotaling & Co.”…“Shea Bocoureaz & Co., San Francisco, CAL”…and “Hanley Mercantile Co., San Francisco.” Whiskey bottles from 1860 to 1900 that lack embossing often sell for just to .

Common examples often sell in the -to- range. They tend to sell for to 0, though very rare examples can bring significantly more. Some are made from beautiful straw-yellow or amber glass.

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